Offin Children's Center

Scholarship Funding for Post-secondary Education

Like all families we want our kids to be ready to make their way in the world when they leave home. We want them to be confident that they can live independently and contribute to their communities. In addition to giving them a stable home environment and life skills, we encourage the children to develop their talents and pursue their career ambitions. More often than not this leads to the pursuit of higher education.


Each year OCC children are accepted into universities and training colleges around the country. Some dream of becoming nurses, other teachers or business owners. Without donor funded scholarships the children are unable to take advantage of these opportunities.  We continually seek donors who can provide such funding.


The Blessed Child School High School Expansion

In October of 2016 the OCC initiated an expansion of the Blessed Child School to include high school so the older children do not have to leave home to attend boarding school to continue their education. The first class will graduate in June of 2019. The school serves the broader community as well. Once fully enrolled it will generate income that will be used to care for the orphans and further the support of post-secondary education.

Over the next several years we will continue investing in our high-school expansion bringing in additional classes and making facility improvements as possible. Our dream is to build a science lab so we can broaden our students’ understanding of the world around them and provide a pathway to careers in science and technology.


High Priority Facility Improvements

Maintaining our facilities to ensure clean water, proper sanitation, a safe environment and enriching experiences is an ongoing challenge. Each year we prioritize the improvements and work with donors and partners to take them on.